نمونه سوالات آیلتس -آگوست 2014

 The IELTS test taker D from Nigeria remembered the following Speakin


Speaking test


? What is your full name-
? Can I see your ID-
Where are you from-
Do you work or study-
What do you do for a job-
? Do you use a computer at work-
?How important is it for you? Why-
? When did you see a computer for the first time-
? When did you use it for the first time-
?What was it for-
? Do you think it is good that children are exposed to computers at an early age now? Why-

Describe a place that you have visited far away from home. Please say

?Where and what is this place-
?How did you travel to this place-
? What did you do there-


?What mode of travel do you prefer? Why-
?What are the advantages of travelling by air-
? Do you think air travel is becoming globalised-
?Do you think airlines are managing the gas emissions correctly-
?Do you think that passengers would be willing to pay more for travel to fund a way to reduce these emissions properly-